Departure times Ferry Terschelling

Are you looking for the Terschelling ferry departure times? The ferry to and from Terschelling has many departure times. The ferry schedule has an average of 8 departures per day and are provided by Rederij Doeksen. The ferry trip takes around 120 minutes (45 minutes with the fast ferry). In Harlingen, bus connections are available following all regular arrivals.

Departure times Ferry Terschelling

Ferry schedule Harlingen-Terschelling

  • 8.30 (fast ferry on Monday-Saturday)
  • 9.45 (fast ferry on Sunday)
  • 9.45 (normal ferry on Monday-Saturday)
  • 12.30 (fast ferry on Monday-Saturday)
  • 15.00 (normal ferry, every day)
  • 17.20 (fast ferry, every day)
  • 19.25 (fast ferry on Wednesday and Thursday)
  • 19.55 (fast ferry on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday)

Ferry schedule Terschelling-Harlingen

  • 6.45 (fast ferry on Monday)
  • 7.00 (normal ferry on Tuesday-Saturday)
  • 7.15 (fast ferry on Tuesday-Saturday)
  • 8.45 (fast ferry on Sunday)
  • 9.45 (fast ferry on Monday-Saturday)
  • 12.30 (normal ferry, every day)
  • 16.15 (fast ferry, every day)
  • 17.30 (normal ferry on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 18.20 (fast ferry on Wednesday and Thursday)

More information

Departure times ferry TerschellingMore information about the ferry service to Terschelling can be found on the website of Rederij Doeksen. Are you visiting by car? Read everything about parking in Harlingen, which is possible at multiple secured locations.