Weather on Terschelling

Terschelling climate

Terschelling has a maritime climate. Because the Wadden Islands are separate from the mainland, the influence of wind and sea is stronger. Due to the temperature of the sea, in the spring, rainfall is limited. In the autumn, the heat from the sea then provides extra rain. Although the warm months are drier than other areas in the Netherlands, the temperature is also lower. The sea breeze ensures a cool breeze.

Terschelling is the third island of the Dutch Wadden Islands. For nearly 40 years, Terschelling has been the location for the Oerol Festival every year.

Weather Terschelling

The weather on Terschelling is pleasant. Terschelling has a maritime climate, so rainfall is limited in the spring. The sea breeze blows a cool breeze over the island

The weather on Terschelling