Parking on Terschelling

Parking on Terschelling is free of charge. Special parking spaces are available in the villages Midsland and West-Terschelling. If these are full, you can park at other designated places.

When you park in a blue zone, the parking time is limited. You are then also obliged to use a blue parking disc. In each blue zone you can find a sign that states how long you can park on certain days or hours.

How to park on Terschelling?

When you park your car, indicate on the blue parking disc what time you have arrived. You can then place the parking disc on the dashboard of your car. Make sure it is clearly visible. It is also allowed to park on the side of the road with your caravan, RV or trailer, provided that this is not longer than three consecutive days.

Parking in Harlingen

If you don’t bring your car to Terschelling, you can park in Harlingen. There are various parking facilities in and near Harlingen, both covered and uncovered. A shuttle bus runs from almost all parking lots that connects to the departure times of the Terschelling ferry. Due to crowds during the high season, during events and around the holidays, it is recommended to take into account extra travel time when searching for a parking space.

Free parking Terschelling
Free parking Terschelling

Free parking at hotels on Terschelling

As a guest, you can park for free at many hotels on Terschelling and other accommodations.