Wadden Taxi Terschelling

Are you in a hurry or did you miss the last ferry to Terschelling? Then just call the Waddentaxi Terschelling. The Wadden Taxi Terschelling takes you safely and quickly from Harlingen to Terschelling. A maximum of twelve people can board De Zeehond, so reservations are recommended. There is enough luggage space on the ferry and free coffee and tea is offered.

Charter Wadden Taxi Terschelling

It is possible to charter the Wadden Taxi Terschelling exclusively, based on your needs and wishes. The Wadden Taxi also offers rides to the other Wadden islands; Texel, Vlieland, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

Travel time

The Waddentaxi is a lot faster than the normal ferry to Terschelling. Within an hour you will be taken from Harlingen to Terschelling (or Vlieland). The journey between the two islands takes only half an hour.

Waddentaxi Terschelling costs

The prices below do not include tourist tax, but include normal tax and transport (by taxi) from the marina on Terschelling to your final destination on the island.

  • From Harlingen to Terschelling (of vice versa) a one way ticket costs € 32,40 and the costs for a return ticket are € 54,00.
  • From Harlingen to Vlieland (or vice versa) the price of a one way ticket is € 32,40 for a return ticket the costs are € 54,00.
  • From Terschelling to Vlieland (or vice versa) you pay € 32,40 for a one way ticket and a return ticket costs € 54,00.

Single ticket Wadden Taxi Terschelling

In addition to the departure schedule, the Waddentaxi also has interim sailings that you can use. The costs are € 34,56 per person. You can check departure times on Twitter.

Waddentaxi Terschelling
Waddentaxi Terschelling

Boarding location Wadden Taxi Terschelling

The boarding location for the Waddentaxi to Terschelling is the new Sassteiger, near the Sasbrug, in Harlingen. The final destination on Terschelling is the Willem Barentszkade, where the taxi moors. It is possible to make an appointment about other boarding locations and mooring places, contact the Wadden Taxi to discuss your wishes.


There is enough room for luggage on the Waddentaxi Terschelling, but there are some guidelines. You can only bring three pieces of luggage per person. Hand luggage may of course also be taken on the boat. Every passenger is allowed to take a bicycle (+ bicycle trailer) with them.

Staff party, excursion or wedding on Terschelling

Chartering the Wadden Taxi is a perfect solution for staff parties, excursions or wedding parties. You are in full controle of what time the boat departs. You can read everything about the possibilities and costs on the Waddentaxi website.

Bring your bicycle and dog to Terschelling

Since cycling on Terschelling is the perfect way to discover the island, you can bring one bicycle per person on board, free or charge.  Scooters, trailers, etc. are not allowed on board. You are allowed to bring your dog on the taxi to Terschelling. This is free of charge, you do not have to buy a separate ticket for your pet.

Children and disabled visitors

The maximum number of twelve people on board of the Waddentaxi includes babies and children. Due to limited quay facilities, the Wadden Taxi is unfortunately not suitable for the disabled and wheelchair users. The Waddentaxi can be used for emergency (patient) transport.